"Better at Stress" 6-Week Course


Become "Better at Stress"

Stress can be positive and aid in our performance in many areas of life. Stress can also be negative and harmful to our health. What's the difference? In "Better at Stress" Rachelle teaches you how stress is both positive and enhancing and how it can be harmful. She then teaches you how to turn your current negative stress into positive stress you can harness to aid in your performance and improve your health.

This is a 6-week stress management course with activities and lectures to help you become better at stress.

Who should take this course?   

This course is designed for individuals who cannot necessarily eliminate the stressors in their life.

This course will help you:

  • Better handle the stress of everyday life you cannot simply remove. This could be deadlines, a family situation or even a health situation. 
  • Understand how beliefs influence our stress response and health.
  • Gain power over your stress response and use stress to your advantage.

30-day money back guarantee 

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