Rachelle Burrup

Director of Content, Co-Founder

MS in Exercise Science, Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist 

Clarissa Sam

Director of Marketing, Co-Founder

BS in Business Management, Digital Marketing Nanodegree, Strategy & Leadership, Personal Finance Education


BoomRev® is a health and wellness company! BoomRev offers corporate wellness services to companies and organizations looking to improve the health of their employees and company. We also provide health and wellness solutions for individuals who want to improve their health with research-backed, healthy, sustainable methods.

BoomRev® is committed to providing accurate and best practices content, challenges and courses for all of our clients.

About Rachelle

Rachelle is an experienced health and wellness professional dedicated to helping individuals and in all areas of health. Rachelle teaches health and wellness courses for BoomRev® throughout Utah Valley, Idaho and online.

Most recently Rachelle has directed and built BoomRev's® "Better At Stress" course which enables our clients to reduce and control anxiety and depression through focusing on improving each individual's response to stress.

Rachelle has been health coaching for over five years. She ran a comprehensive health coaching program for over two years where she taught qualified employees how to health coach and improve their mentoring skills.

Rachelle’s bachelor degree is in public health and her master’s degree is in exercise science where she researched and published her thesis on strength training and body composition in middle-aged women.

Under Rachelle’s direction, BoomRev's® clients have improved their health and well-being.

About Clarissa

Clarissa is an experienced marketer, data analytic nerd and personal finance leader. Clarissa loves seeing the benefits of healthy living in corporate wellness and to individuals striving to be better. With her background in healthcare she understands the need for accurate health content and sustainable, research-backed principles of health and wellness.

Clarissa graduated from Brigham Young’s Marriot School of Management in Business Management with an emphasis in marketing in 2013 and has been enjoying helping others in their own personal, professional and other goals ever since.

Clarissa teaches and directs BoomRev’s® financial wellness education courses and challenges and loves seeing the results our clients see when they learn how to better budget and manage their money.


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