Pursue Your Strength

About Rachelle

Rachelle is an experienced health and wellness professional dedicated to helping individuals in all areas of health. Rachelle has taught health and wellness courses throughout Utah Valley and Idaho. For over three years she has also consulted with companies to help them improve their employees’ health and fitness.

Rachelle has been health coaching for over five years. She ran a comprehensive health coaching program for over two years where she taught qualified employees how to health coach and improve their mentoring skills.

Rachelle’s bachelor degree is in public health and her master’s degree is in exercise science where she researched and published her thesis on strength training and body composition in middle-aged women.

Under Rachelle’s direction, her individual clients and her clients' employees have improved their health and seen a positive benefit in their physical, emotional and mental health.

BoomRev’s® Birth

Rachelle started BoomRev® as a traditional corporate wellness consulting company and grew it to be an online health & wellness education company serving both individuals and companies.

Rachelle reduces employee health costs and improves corporate wellness initiatives through her online courses and consulting.

Rachelle serves individuals through BoomRev®. Her BoomRev® courses and training are for individuals who want to pursue their strength, feel better and have more energy daily.

Most recently Rachelle has directed and built BoomRev's® "Better At Stress" course which enables her clients to reduce and control anxiety and depression through focusing on improving each individual's response to stress.

Pursue Your Strength

Rachelle grew up in a small town in North Central Idaho. Rachelle quickly found the best way to get through hardship and other difficulties life presents is to pursue your strength because you are capable of more than you allow yourself to believe. 

As one pursues their strength in health - not just the physical side of strength - they will progress and grow. In Rachelle’s own words:

“When you are in pursuit of your own strength, you are learning and growing. Not that there isn’t failure, but you are learning and growing. Through pursuing your strength, you find purpose and ability you didn’t know existed. You learn to overcome failure and build self-efficacy.” 

Improving your strength in one area of your health and well-being will spill over into other areas. For example, as you build your strength in physical fitness, your mental and emotional health also benefit. Similarly, when you pursue your strength in dealing with stress better, your physical well-being improves. 

Get started pursuing your strength with Rachelle today through her "Better At Stress" course and/or healthy eating courses.

Rachelle Burrup

Director of Content, Founder

MS in Exercise Science, Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist 


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