Mindless Weight Management

Weight loss without deprivation.

Mindless Weight Management


 Welcome & Introduction

 The Mindless Margin & The 5 Eating Triggers

Tips for Navigating the Eating Triggers

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Tip 3 

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Tip 5


Bonus: Healthy Eating 101



Do you want to learn how to identify eating triggers in your environment and take control of them to ultimately manage your weight in simple, stress-free, even mindless, ways?

Identifying eating triggers in your environment and taking control of them enables you to:

  • Manage weight loss without feeling deprived or miserable
  • Implement strategies to help you eat less and eat better
  • Mindlessly improve your eating environment

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How does Mindless Weight Management work?

Mindless Weight management works because it helps you identify things (i.e. the 5 eating triggers) in your environment that prompt you to eat – telling you when to eat, how much to eat and even when to stop eating. Recognizing these triggers helps increase your awareness of them so that you can avoid and take control of them.

The course teaches strategies to navigate the eating triggers and use them to your advantage to help you eat healthier. As you become aware of the eating triggers and implement the strategies to take control of them weight management becomes mindless.

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Mindless Weight Management

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