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Employee Challenges

Employee challenges are designed to increase participation in healthy behaviors as well as foster workplace unity and happiness.

Challenges vary in length from 4-8 weeks long depending on the healthy behavior being addressed.

Challenge topics include: physical activity (cardio & strength training), healthy eating, intuitive eating, correct dieting, money management, balance and sleep

Contact us at (801) 753-9006 or at [email protected] for more information.

Education Sessions

Education sessions bring employees together and create an interactive environment while they learn about a healthy topic. Education sessions improve workplace culture and camaraderie among employees.

Education session topics include: communication, physical activity (cardio & strength training), stress management, desk stretches (having a "fit" desk), healthy eating, correct dieting, money management, balance and sleep.

Contact us at (801) 753-9006 or at [email protected] for more information.

Stress Management Program

Our stress management program is a 6-week online course called "Better at Stress." Employees watch a series of videos and participate in activities that help them become better at handling stress. 

This course is designed for the kind of stress that is not easily eliminated. This course focuses on changing your mindset to become "Better at Stress." 

Employees will need 30-55 minutes per week to complete the course.

This course is individually licensed to all employees.

Contact us at (801) 753-9006 or at [email protected] for more information.


Employee Wellness Challenges

"Thanks for all the support! I lost 6 pounds doing this!"

"Loved this challenge! Best challenge ever. Getting easier to get up at the same time."

"Thank you for this challenge, my family and friends are smiling a whole lot more these days!"

"I really enjoyed this because I learned some new things about interest rates and my husband and I started to budget again which we haven't done for years."

Education Sessions

"Never knew stress could be used as a tool to progress!"

"It gave me motivation to get moving so I can have a better quality of life."

"I really struggle with my budget and I feel like this gave me realistic ideas of how to stay on track."

"It was a good refresher on the symptoms of stress and I really liked the 3 steps to deal with stress I hadn't seen them before, but they are easy to implement."

"Great info - motivating! Easy goals to implement in every day life."

"Such great & useful information! I am motivated to make exercise and sleep a priority."

Frequently Asked Questions

Wellness programs provide many benefits for companies who choose to invest in them. Increased engagement, higher morale and lower health costs are all benefits of wellness programs and initiatives. 

Wellness programs also help to build a culture of unity and employee appreciation.

As little as possible. Our clients are responsible for scheduling and advertising wellness initiatives. We create informational flyers about the selected wellness initiative(s) for our clients to send to their employees.

Once the employees are signed up for a challenge or the "Better at Stress" course BoomRev® handles all email reminders. We will also send the employee completion list for each challenge or course to you at the end.

Yes we do. Give us a call or email us at [email protected] to discuss further.

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