The Resolution You Overlooked

Lose weight.

Eat better.

Focus on self-care.

These are some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions from 2018.1 Perhaps they made your list last year…and maybe this year as well. Undoubtedly, taking better care of ourselves by losing weight, improving our diet and giving ourselves some much-needed TLC are consistently some of the most popular and anguished-over goals. Eating better to lose weight is a great start, but what does eating better actually look like?

If you are like a majority of Americans, “eating better” most likely begins with eating more vegetables. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 90% of adults do not eat the recommended (2-3 cups/day for adults) amount, with young adults and men being some of the most common offenders.2 Before we start trying to just “eat better”, let’s rewrite that goal to “eat more vegetables, specifically an extra serving or two each day.”

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3 Ways Vegetables Aid in Weight Loss & Weight Management


A 2016 Gallop poll showed that 53% of adults would like to lose weight. Did you know that increasing your vegetable intake aids in weight loss & weight management? Increasing your vegetable intake is a cost effective, practical, sustainable and nutritious solution for weight loss and weight management goals! Here are three specific reasons why increasing vegetables will help you with weight loss and weight management!

Volumetrics. This is a term coined by Dr. Barbra Rolls, from Penn State, which says that you can eat a greater amount of food for less calories and still feel full or satisfied. Think about this - you could have the same amount of volume in a handful of potatoes chips as you would in a few handfuls of broccoli (let’s say both equal about 100 calories). The volume of food you can eat for the same amount of calories increases with broccoli and other vegetables. This helps you stay fuller longer than food with less volume! 

High in fiber. This means that...

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