How to Stress Yourself Out

Sometimes we do things to ourselves.

Are you adding extra (and unnecessary) stress to your life in the following ways?

  1. Ignoring your strengths (or refusing to recognize them) and focusing on your failures. If you are ignoring your strengths, you are turning away from the good things you have to offer the world! If you focus on your weakness and failures without seeing your strengths you will not feel as motivated to work through and rise above your setbacks. This adds stress with constant feelings of hopelessness and discouragement. 
  2. Multi-tasking. When you multi-task you burn yourself out, feel overwhelmed and make slower progress. You'll often feel bad you did not give your child/spouse/friend/co-worker your full attention (e.g. when they were telling you something important to them). You’ll regret that project you did not do your best on because you were too busy trying to “maximize” your time,...
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Though competent on a day-by-day basis, when put under high levels of stress Ollie did not perform well...

stress Aug 02, 2018

As I have health coached over the years, I’ve seen a common theme among many of my clients: the desire to reduce stress. 

I’ve found that in our increasingly busy world my clients often think the answer to stress is to eliminate or avoid it. 

That can be hard, even impossible to do.

We can’t always get rid of our family members, neighbors, traffic or even our work-related stress. 

Even those who manage to eliminate some stress often find themselves in the same situation they were in before. Have you ever known someone who leaves a stressful job and soon finds themselves in another stressful job?

In the Harvard Business Review article, “How Stress Can Improve Your Performance”, author/researcher Justin Menkes tells about an interview he conducted for a parent company interested in evaluating one of their top executives. The executive, Ollie, ran the parent company's brand that was performing the worst.

Menkes found that if he talked to...

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Laughter: Do you get enough?

self-care stress Apr 26, 2018

By: Clarissa George

Did you know that laughter and stress are related?

Recently I came across this article by Entrepreneur called 18 Ways to Calm Down. The article addresses calming down from stress.

I was intrigued by their 18 ways to calm down but one in particular stuck out to me - laughter. How does laughter help you relieve stress and be healthier?

According to the Mayo Clinic, laughter has positive short-term and long-term effects on your health. Short-term effects include:

  • Stimulation of many of your organs including your heart and lungs and increasing the endorphins released in your brain (which helps you be happier).
  • Activation and relief from the stress response which helps you feel relaxed.
  • Release of tension which helps your muscles themselves relax. 

Pretty amazing short-term results from laughter! The long-term effects are also equally amazing and helpful. These include:

  • Improved immune system - According to the Mayo clinic...
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4 Ways to Reduce Stress

stress Apr 05, 2018

All of us have experienced some degree of stress. Stress is pervasive, but the extent to which we feel “stressed” and the effect it has on our wellbeing varies depending on our ability to cope with it. We can learn how to identify it and implement stress reducers to help us better manage our stress.

Identify Causes of Stress and How You Respond

One of the first keys to managing stress is to identify what causes you stress and your response to it. Write down anything that causes you stress. Next, identify how you respond to those stressors. Do you withdraw, overeat, under eat, exercise, vent, or…?

Implement These Stress Reducers

Now that you have identified sources of stress in your life and how you respond to them, you have a better idea of when you are stressed or will be. Practice the following tips when you notice feelings of stress OR before you encounter the stressors on your list.

1. Generate positive emotions. Think of something that makes...

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Correct Breathing: A Simple Exercise

stress well-being Feb 07, 2018

Did you know that we breathe over 25,000 times a day? 

There are a couple types of breathing. The first is actually called incorrect breathing. It is short, shallow breaths (unfortunately many of us breathe this way!). The second is the correct way to breathe. Breathing correctly not only helps us get more oxygen into our bodies, but it also can elicit the relaxation response. What does that mean? It means it can help us be less stressed throughout the day. 

You're already busy and stressed enough without having your breathing work against you. Watch this video and go through a quick, simple breathing exercise that will help you take advantage of the correct way to breathe!

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