Salad Mix-In OR Yummy Snack

healthy snacks recipes Nov 10, 2018

My (Rachelle) 6-year-old nephew, Jaysun, was swiping through my pictures and came across the pictures above.

His response: "This looks soooooo good!"

What a surprise. :) He is more of a bread guy than a salad guy. I thought I would share the recipe since it has his endorsement.

Eat these chickpeas with a salad or as a tasty snack by itself! 

My favorite sweet 'n hot chickpea salad combinations:
  • Any type of salad green (I LOVE spinach)

  • Sunflower seeds

  • Tomato

  • Corn

  • A sprinkle of feta cheese

  • Light ranch (the combination of tastes reminds me of the cool ranch-flavored chips!)


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Tips For Picky Eaters

Do you have picky eaters in the home? Or are you a bit of a picky eater?

Sometimes it’s difficult to eat healthy if you or those you are feeding don’t like a lot of different foods (especially fruits and vegetables). This can be discouraging and is often something people feel is a barrier to cooking healthier foods.

 Today I want to share just 3 tips you can apply to help with picky eaters!

 Tip #1: Prepare The Food Differently

 For example:

  • A great way to prepare vegetables differently is to roast, grill or steam them!
  • Chop them differently. This may seem simple but it works! A few years ago, I found myself so busy I was often turning to baby carrots to help me up my number of vegetable servings per day. Unfortunately, I got sick of eating them so much. However, I found that if I chopped them up into smaller pieces (so they looked like miniature coins) I could eat them so much easier!

Tip #2: Put A Face On It - Make It Playful

It’s surprising what...

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Want to eat healthier, but don't have the time?

Here are 6 healthy tips and tricks to more easily "Grab N' Go" for your busy life!

1. Keep fruit on hand

Keep apples, bananas, and plums on hand for a quick grab n’ go snack.

Fresh or dried fruit with no sugar added are quick, low-calorie foods.

2. Prewash and cut fresh fruits and vegetables

Do this when you get home from the grocery store so your fresh produce is ready to be quickly thrown into a bag for a quick snack or to be added to a meal.

3. Buy canned and frozen fruits and vegetables for added convenience and variety

Canned vegetables or fruit may be quickly prepared and served.

Choose canned fruit in water rather than syrup and canned vegetables with no salt added.

Frozen vegetables are also a fast side dish for any meal and can be added to the main course (e.g. add frozen vegetables to spaghetti sauce or to stir fry).

Frozen vegetables come pre-seasoned and unseasoned. For unseasoned vegetables, try adding some lemon pepper (no salt added) or roasted garlic pepper...

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Nuts: Heart Healthy & Nutritious (but add them into your diet correctly)

healthy snacks Mar 01, 2018

We’ve all been there. It’s 3pm – right between lunch and dinner and we’re hungry. The day is getting closer to being over. We will have dinner relatively soon, but we’re tired and still hungry. We reach for a snack – we need something convenient and fast since we’re rushing to complete everything we want by the end of the day. We quickly survey the options. We see a brownie from the night before and go for it promising ourselves we’ll workout that night.

Can you relate to any parts of this scenario?

Did you know that nuts are a healthy food? Did you know substituting nuts with less healthy snacks has a positive impact on your overall health?!

Researchers have found an association between eating nuts and a 30-50% lower risk of heart attacks, cardiovascular disease and sudden cardio death. But not all nuts offer the same nutrition – watch *Rachelle teach about the different nutrition for six common nuts in this video. She will...

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