The Health Perspective vs. What Media Portrays - Where are you?

fitness well-being May 17, 2018

In today’s society, we are bombarded with how we are “supposed” to look. We see media constantly telling us to lose weight. To look more toned. To look better. To look thinner. To look like your neighbor. Your mom. A movie star. You name it. We are constantly told we’re supposed to be an “ideal” shape instead of healthy.

This focus of how we look is threatening to take away some of the benefits we can feel from being healthy.

The purpose of being healthy is to help us be happier. It’s not to look a certain way.

How many of us are guilty of this? We drag ourselves to work out for a few days because someone we know has recently lost weight and we feel bad about ourselves. We suddenly deprive ourselves of all desserts and just want to eat salads.

After we don’t see results immediately we feel even worse and find it difficult to stick with our health goals. Additional harm lurks in what we eat when we focus on comparing ourselves...

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Brushing Your Teeth and Balance Exercises

exercise fitness Mar 08, 2018

Have you ever considered making brushing your teeth more beneficial to your overall health? (You weren’t expecting to read that from us, were you? We’re being serious, read on!)

A few years ago, Clarissa kept fighting shin splints while training for a race. Clarissa finally sought help from a great physical therapist who recommended doing balance exercises while she brushed her teeth. Implementing this really started to help her AND her overall control of her body.

Did you know that balance exercises reduce your risk for ankle sprains, ACL tears, and other injuries? They even help with shin splints. J

 For some simple balance exercises to implement into your daily routine check out the video above where Rachelle teaches you how to begin and progress balance exercises. 


P.S. If you don’t feel like doing balance exercises every time you brush your teeth, remember that doing them for just 10 minutes, 3x a week, for 4 weeks can yield substantial...

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Stretches for Commonly Tight Muscles

exercise fitness Feb 14, 2018

Did you know that flexibility training (aka stretching) has major health benefits? It helps prevent injuries, maintain range of motion throughout the joints, maintain good posture and even decrease sadness! It also helps lower the level of stress hormones in our body.

Sometimes when we think about stretching we revert to the same couple of stretches we already know (anyone else revert to stretching your hamstrings when someone tells you to stretch?).  It is also tempting to only stretch after you have overexerted yourself and are sore. 

However, a lot of everyday aches and pains we experience can be significantly improved with stretching our commonly tight muscles! Think about what you are doing most of the day - do you sit at a desk a lot? Do you look at your phone a lot? Do you get stressed (if you do you probably bring your shoulders up a lot!).

5 commonly tight areas are:

  1. Calfs
  2. Hip flexors
  3. Back
  4. Chest
  5. Neck

It's important to implement a...

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Change the Game -- It Might Surprise You! :)

exercise fitness Feb 01, 2018

I once heard a lecture from a professional sports trainer. He talked about many athletes who would come seeking his help and how most of the time, the athletes already knew what they weren't doing that was limiting their progress and ability to perform!

How often is this the case for us?! We may be in a specific workout routine or even watching what we eat, but we know we're not quite doing something all the way we could be doing better. Perhaps we're not quite working out for the total amount of recommended cardio and strength training, or we are pretty good about what we eat...on the weekends...but not the rest of the week? Or maybe you are great about eating fruit but struggle with vegetables? Or maybe you don't like to stretch to prevent injuries?

If you want results and you haven't been able to find them, take a moment and think about what you need to do differently. Be honest with yourself! 

Remember, if things are staying the same, it's time to change your game! If...

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