Tips for Navigating Holiday Gatherings (i.e. the food)!

healthy eating holidays Dec 20, 2017

By: Rachelle Burrup

With the holidays there are a lot of social gatherings coming up that naturally involve a fair amount of food. These gatherings can provide a lot of opportunities to derail us and/or distract us from our goals like eating well and not overeating.

Today I have a couple of tips to help you navigate those gatherings and stay in control of them...

Tip #1 - Always keep a glass of water in your hand. A glass of water in hand will remind you to drink water and therefore help you stay hydrated. It will also give you something to do with your hands thereby making it difficult to mindlessly grab a snack from the food tray passing by or the snack bowl near you. A glass of water will keep your hands occupied, making it less likely the generous host or hostess is constantly offering you food because you look "busy" with that water in hand.

Tip #2 - Scan the food options. If you attended the same party last year, prepare...

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Are your daily habits aligned with your greater desires?

Uncategorized Nov 09, 2017

By: Clarissa George

Recently I read an article about a man who hiked a mile and a half on an uphill trail (and back down) 83 times during his 80th year. The trail elevation gain is 1,092 feet. He hikes this regularly. The article is called “Why one 81-year-old man has hiked Timpanogos Cave Trail hundreds of times.” This man, Roger Gillies, doesn’t make the hike numerous times a year for himself. He does it for his wife, Tonya. Tonya was diagnosed with Parkinson’s when she turned 60. The disease did not take a toll on her for many years. Four years ago that changed and she started to decline. Tonya had to start using a walker and had difficultly picking things up. Roger realized he needed to get fit and start regularly exercising so that he could take care of the two of them. In Roger’s words, “That’s why I started the hiking, for her…It was great to take off the weight and feel better – those are great benefits – but the...

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