Nuts: Heart Healthy & Nutritious (but add them into your diet correctly)

healthy snacks Mar 01, 2018

We’ve all been there. It’s 3pm – right between lunch and dinner and we’re hungry. The day is getting closer to being over. We will have dinner relatively soon, but we’re tired and still hungry. We reach for a snack – we need something convenient and fast since we’re rushing to complete everything we want by the end of the day. We quickly survey the options. We see a brownie from the night before and go for it promising ourselves we’ll workout that night.

Can you relate to any parts of this scenario?

Did you know that nuts are a healthy food? Did you know substituting nuts with less healthy snacks has a positive impact on your overall health?!

Researchers have found an association between eating nuts and a 30-50% lower risk of heart attacks, cardiovascular disease and sudden cardio death. But not all nuts offer the same nutrition – watch *Rachelle teach about the different nutrition for six common nuts in this video. She will...

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Beginning Planks & Plank Basics

Uncategorized Feb 22, 2018

Did you know that a stronger core helps you move more efficiently, have better posture, feel better, reduce back pain and reduce your risk for injury?!

A strong core is the foundation of ALL other movements! So, if you want to move more efficiently, be stronger and reach other results, you must build your core!

Your core is not just your abs. It includes all the muscles in your trunk region – including muscles in your hips and back. In fact, 80% of Americans experience chronic lower back pain and research has shown this is often due to a weak core (more than just abs!).

Building your core muscles are important. Sometimes, they are easy to overlook and hard to make time to do because we don’t see the results immediately and they are hard (especially when we don't start with a proper beginning core program)! 

Whenever you begin a core training program, it is important you master the basics. True beginning exercises help you build into proper form. One exercise...

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Stretches for Commonly Tight Muscles

exercise fitness Feb 14, 2018

Did you know that flexibility training (aka stretching) has major health benefits? It helps prevent injuries, maintain range of motion throughout the joints, maintain good posture and even decrease sadness! It also helps lower the level of stress hormones in our body.

Sometimes when we think about stretching we revert to the same couple of stretches we already know (anyone else revert to stretching your hamstrings when someone tells you to stretch?).  It is also tempting to only stretch after you have overexerted yourself and are sore. 

However, a lot of everyday aches and pains we experience can be significantly improved with stretching our commonly tight muscles! Think about what you are doing most of the day - do you sit at a desk a lot? Do you look at your phone a lot? Do you get stressed (if you do you probably bring your shoulders up a lot!).

5 commonly tight areas are:

  1. Calfs
  2. Hip flexors
  3. Back
  4. Chest
  5. Neck

It's important to implement a...

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Correct Breathing: A Simple Exercise

stress well-being Feb 07, 2018

Did you know that we breathe over 25,000 times a day? 

There are a couple types of breathing. The first is actually called incorrect breathing. It is short, shallow breaths (unfortunately many of us breathe this way!). The second is the correct way to breathe. Breathing correctly not only helps us get more oxygen into our bodies, but it also can elicit the relaxation response. What does that mean? It means it can help us be less stressed throughout the day. 

You're already busy and stressed enough without having your breathing work against you. Watch this video and go through a quick, simple breathing exercise that will help you take advantage of the correct way to breathe!

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Change the Game -- It Might Surprise You! :)

exercise fitness Feb 01, 2018

I once heard a lecture from a professional sports trainer. He talked about many athletes who would come seeking his help and how most of the time, the athletes already knew what they weren't doing that was limiting their progress and ability to perform!

How often is this the case for us?! We may be in a specific workout routine or even watching what we eat, but we know we're not quite doing something all the way we could be doing better. Perhaps we're not quite working out for the total amount of recommended cardio and strength training, or we are pretty good about what we eat...on the weekends...but not the rest of the week? Or maybe you are great about eating fruit but struggle with vegetables? Or maybe you don't like to stretch to prevent injuries?

If you want results and you haven't been able to find them, take a moment and think about what you need to do differently. Be honest with yourself! 

Remember, if things are staying the same, it's time to change your game! If...

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Positive Self-Affirmations

mental health self-care Jan 24, 2018

Have you ever wanted to obtain greater optimism and gratitude in your life? Changing the connections in your brain can help you develop optimism and gratitude. You can accomplish this through a simple and short exercise. 

Have you ever heard of positive affirmations or positive self-talk? That is a key component of this exercise. Let me explain what those positive affirmations are...

A positive affirmation is a statement in the present tense about ourselves, or something we want to be true about ourselves, or even about a situation in our lives. We respond to how we regard ourselves and also situations in our lives. This exercise is designed to focus on the positive and change the connections or thinking we have about how we regard ourselves and those situations in our lives. 

Let me give you a few example of some positive affirmations:

  • I am patient.
  • I am a patient mother.
  • I love my job.
  • I give great presentations full of enthusiasm and...
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Happiness, Change & You: Sticking with Your Resolutions

goals well-being Jan 16, 2018

Did you know January 17th is Ditch Your New Year's Resolution Day? If you are struggling to stick with your resolution(s) this is for you!

“Happiness is not the belief that we don’t have to change; it is the realization that we can.”
– Shawn Achor

We can change. You do not have to be what you have always been. One of the greatest limiting factors to change is our belief about ourselves - our worries and concerns that we are not good enough, that we do not have what it takes, that we will not measure up to the task at hand. However, YOU CAN CHANGE.

Tell yourself you can change. Say it every morning to your reflection in the mirror. Remind yourself that change is possible, that YOU are possible.

Working to change ourselves can result in some slipping and sliding as we reach toward that goal...and that is OK. Those experiences are all part of the learning process. Use them as such while also being gentle with yourself. Beating yourself up and...

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How to Like Vegetables

healthy eating Jan 09, 2018

Many of us really want to eat healthier but have a hard time bringing ourselves to eat healthy food because we don’t like the taste. We struggle to really change our overall diet permanently because we think healthy food doesn’t taste good!  We particularly fall victim to this feeling with vegetables – we just don’t always want to eat them! Even though vegetables are very important in a balanced, nutritious diet, about 87% of Americans don’t eat enough vegetables.

If you are like most individuals and struggle eating enough vegetables and don’t always love the taste of vegetables, here are two tips for you! Following these tips will help you develop a taste for vegetables and have an easier time wanting to include them into your overall, everyday diet. 

Eat vegetables consistently! Eating vegetables consistently helps us acquire a taste for vegetables. If you don’t eat vegetables consistently and only occasionally make yourself eat...

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3 Ways Vegetables Aid in Weight Loss & Weight Management


A 2016 Gallop poll showed that 53% of adults would like to lose weight. Did you know that increasing your vegetable intake aids in weight loss & weight management? Increasing your vegetable intake is a cost effective, practical, sustainable and nutritious solution for weight loss and weight management goals! Here are three specific reasons why increasing vegetables will help you with weight loss and weight management!

Volumetrics. This is a term coined by Dr. Barbra Rolls, from Penn State, which says that you can eat a greater amount of food for less calories and still feel full or satisfied. Think about this - you could have the same amount of volume in a handful of potatoes chips as you would in a few handfuls of broccoli (let’s say both equal about 100 calories). The volume of food you can eat for the same amount of calories increases with broccoli and other vegetables. This helps you stay fuller longer than food with less volume! 

High in fiber. This means that...

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Train Your Strengths - New Year's Resolutions

goals Dec 27, 2017

By: Rachelle Burrup

With the New Year approaching many of us are starting to think about our New Year's Resolutions and what we want to accomplish this next year. Oftentimes while setting these goals we solely focus on eliminating the negative (e.g. cutting a bad habit) and forget to build and strengthen the positive(s) we have going for us.

This new year, include at least one goal that focuses on building the positive. Everyone likes to do something they feel like they are good at, right? It builds us up.

This upcoming year, put your energy toward training your strengths. Build them. Sharpen a skill you already possess. Make those small good things (e.g. habits, traits) that are already going for you stronger.  

Every aspect of life is connected in some way or form. When we adjust or build one area of our life, the other areas adapt and change as well. For example, when we adjust one aspect of our diet, other parts of our...

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