The Health Perspective vs. What Media Portrays - Where are you?

fitness well-being May 17, 2018

In today’s society, we are bombarded with how we are “supposed” to look. We see media constantly telling us to lose weight. To look more toned. To look better. To look thinner. To look like your neighbor. Your mom. A movie star. You name it. We are constantly told we’re supposed to be an “ideal” shape instead of healthy.

This focus of how we look is threatening to take away some of the benefits we can feel from being healthy.

The purpose of being healthy is to help us be happier. It’s not to look a certain way.

How many of us are guilty of this? We drag ourselves to work out for a few days because someone we know has recently lost weight and we feel bad about ourselves. We suddenly deprive ourselves of all desserts and just want to eat salads.

After we don’t see results immediately we feel even worse and find it difficult to stick with our health goals. Additional harm lurks in what we eat when we focus on comparing ourselves...

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How to Stay Positive and Motivated Towards Exercise

exercise motivation May 10, 2018

It’s 5:30 AM. The alarm clock goes off and you have a choice: get up and exercise, or hit snooze and go back to sleep.

You may be thinking “I don’t want to get up… I’m so tired today… Exercise sucks...I hate exercising right now.”

Can you relate to this?

Or perhaps you are at the end of a long day at work and you’ve been planning on exercising all day but now you’re so tired you’re second guessing if you really want to.

I’ve been there.

In fact, I was there this morning.

My alarm clock went off at 5:17am and I thought, “Do I really want to exercise today?”

I quickly reminded myself of some of my favorite reasons to exercise and got myself up and going.

When we remind ourselves of our favorite reasons to exercise, we take action over our negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. We also gain motivation to get up and go!

To help you stay motivated and replace...

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Are You Maintaining the Right Perspective?

well-being May 01, 2018

The view in the photo above changed my life. It is the top of the Y Mountain hiking trail in Provo, Utah.

You can see part of Brigham Young University (BYU) from the top of the trail. One of BYU’s mottos is “The World is Our Campus.”

When I was in college (I went to BYU) I had a professor who told me that too often students let the campus be their world. She advised me to take an afternoon and hike up the Y and look down on the valley and see how little the university was in comparison to the view. She challenged me to take a new perspective on the daily grind of my academic life.

I followed her advice and one Friday afternoon a good friend and I hiked the Y. I sat thinking about her advice and how small my problems looked from there. I found a new sense of enthusiasm and excitement as I started to change my perspective on my daily life.

Last week Rachelle and I hiked the Y (if you caught our most recent Facebook live it was from the top of the Y) and I was...

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Laughter: Do you get enough?

self-care stress Apr 26, 2018

By: Clarissa George

Did you know that laughter and stress are related?

Recently I came across this article by Entrepreneur called 18 Ways to Calm Down. The article addresses calming down from stress.

I was intrigued by their 18 ways to calm down but one in particular stuck out to me - laughter. How does laughter help you relieve stress and be healthier?

According to the Mayo Clinic, laughter has positive short-term and long-term effects on your health. Short-term effects include:

  • Stimulation of many of your organs including your heart and lungs and increasing the endorphins released in your brain (which helps you be happier).
  • Activation and relief from the stress response which helps you feel relaxed.
  • Release of tension which helps your muscles themselves relax. 

Pretty amazing short-term results from laughter! The long-term effects are also equally amazing and helpful. These include:

  • Improved immune system - According to the Mayo clinic...
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Grandpa's Powerful Practice of Sound Financial Health

financial well-being Apr 19, 2018

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My grandfather was a self-made millionaire. He was born in 1920. He once told me that he planned his money out for retirement to live until he was 80 years old. 

He thought he would be long gone by then. He passed away at age 96 - 16 years later than he thought. How is it he still had money left to his name when he passed?

Over dinner one evening a couple years after I graduated from college, my grandfather asked how things were going at work. I said they were going well. He next asked me if I had had any raises or promotions since I began working.

I was caught off guard by the question but indeed my income had been steadily going up. My grandfather then shared a piece of wisdom I have never forgotten.

He told me that most people’s income goes up over their lifetime. He took a finger and drew a diagonal line in the air representing how as life goes on (the x axis), a person’s income typically goes up (the y axis). He took his other hand and...

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3 Things to Eliminate from Your Kitchen

If you’re like me you sometimes find yourself in the kitchen eating a snack even though your original intent was not to eat. In fact, you weren’t even hungry before you started snacking!

Many of us fall victim to eating and snacking more than we mean to in our kitchens. There are 3 specific things we can eliminate from our kitchen to increase our willpower to snack less and eat better foods. The following will help us be healthier and manage our weight:

1. Clutter.

Cluttered counters and kitchens can be a downfall! Not only can cluttered counters and kitchens increase our stress levels when we walk in them, they also make it very difficult to prepare healthy meals when there is no counter space to chop vegetables or cook. The fix: get rid of your clutter and place on your countertops healthy snack options. What do I mean by healthy? I mean fruit and vegetables – did you know that only 1 in 10 Americans eat enough fruits and vegetables per day? (CDC Newsroom)...

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4 Ways to Reduce Stress

stress Apr 05, 2018

All of us have experienced some degree of stress. Stress is pervasive, but the extent to which we feel “stressed” and the effect it has on our wellbeing varies depending on our ability to cope with it. We can learn how to identify it and implement stress reducers to help us better manage our stress.

Identify Causes of Stress and How You Respond

One of the first keys to managing stress is to identify what causes you stress and your response to it. Write down anything that causes you stress. Next, identify how you respond to those stressors. Do you withdraw, overeat, under eat, exercise, vent, or…?

Implement These Stress Reducers

Now that you have identified sources of stress in your life and how you respond to them, you have a better idea of when you are stressed or will be. Practice the following tips when you notice feelings of stress OR before you encounter the stressors on your list.

1. Generate positive emotions. Think of something that makes...

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3 Ways to Go About Loving Yourself

self-care Apr 04, 2018

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Sometimes it can be hard to love ourselves when we know our faults better than anyone else. However, not loving ourselves is dangerous. Not only is it hard to reach our goals, but it’s difficult to progress and feel happy with ANYTHING we do accomplish! Especially with our health and fitness goals. It's hard to lose weight and be healthy when we don't love ourselves.

What does loving yourself mean? It means you value and care about your well-being and future. You love yourself even when you don’t achieve exactly what you wanted or you fall short of an aspiration or deadline.

How do you go about loving yourself? Consider the following three areas:

1. What you tell yourself

Do your thoughts about yourself reflect the same kind of quality you would speak about someone you really look up to? Do you speak to yourself like a good friend would?

A good friend is honest in recognizing you aren’t perfect, but they are always in your corner cheering you...

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I felt conflicted. I wanted to be healthy, but I also didn’t want to never be able to eat sweets...

Several years ago, I (Clarissa) put on about 35 pounds of weight over the course of a year and a half. I worked hard to take it off. I stopped eating dessert for an entire summer. I also reduce my portion sizes at meals and starting exercising. My work paid off and I lost about 30 pounds. Satisfied enough with my weight, I allowed myself to start eating desserts again.

I quickly put back on 5 pounds. I was 10 pounds away from my goal weight. I felt conflicted. I wanted to be healthy, but I also didn’t want to never be able to eat sweets! I love sweets and I love social gatherings (often those go together). I was discouraged. Would controlling my weight always mean I had to deprive myself of food I loved?

One evening I attended an eating lecture. The lecturer told the audience that it wasn’t just our own will power that was causing us to overeat. He said there are things in our environment that prompt us to eat more than we need and that we can set ourselves up for...

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Brushing Your Teeth and Balance Exercises

exercise fitness Mar 08, 2018

Have you ever considered making brushing your teeth more beneficial to your overall health? (You weren’t expecting to read that from us, were you? We’re being serious, read on!)

A few years ago, Clarissa kept fighting shin splints while training for a race. Clarissa finally sought help from a great physical therapist who recommended doing balance exercises while she brushed her teeth. Implementing this really started to help her AND her overall control of her body.

Did you know that balance exercises reduce your risk for ankle sprains, ACL tears, and other injuries? They even help with shin splints. J

 For some simple balance exercises to implement into your daily routine check out the video above where Rachelle teaches you how to begin and progress balance exercises. 


P.S. If you don’t feel like doing balance exercises every time you brush your teeth, remember that doing them for just 10 minutes, 3x a week, for 4 weeks can yield substantial...

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