Tips For Picky Eaters

Do you have picky eaters in the home? Or are you a bit of a picky eater?

Sometimes it’s difficult to eat healthy if you or those you are feeding don’t like a lot of different foods (especially fruits and vegetables). This can be discouraging and is often something people feel is a barrier to cooking healthier foods.

 Today I want to share just 3 tips you can apply to help with picky eaters!

 Tip #1: Prepare The Food Differently

 For example:

  • A great way to prepare vegetables differently is to roast, grill or steam them!
  • Chop them differently. This may seem simple but it works! A few years ago, I found myself so busy I was often turning to baby carrots to help me up my number of vegetable servings per day. Unfortunately, I got sick of eating them so much. However, I found that if I chopped them up into smaller pieces (so they looked like miniature coins) I could eat them so much easier!

Tip #2: Put A Face On It - Make It Playful

It’s surprising what a face and some fun can do for picky eaters! It helps turn regular food into something fun! Here are a couple of ways you can apply this tip:

  • Prepare your veggies in the shape of a face.
  • Put Mickey Mouse ears on your pancakes or make a face on the pancake!
  • Remember it doesn’t just have to be a face! You can do something like “ants on a log” with celery, peanut butter and raisins. 

Just try to make it exciting for that picky eater!

 Tip #3: Offer Variety & “I Choose, You Choose”

When you offer variety, you can set a rule that you get to choose some of the things they need to eat, and they get to choose some as well.

  • This could look like bagel pizza or Hawaiian haystacks. For each of the meals, you choose some of their ingredients and they choose some.
  • Variety and letting the picky eater choose helps them have autonomy but also expands the foods they may not regularly eat.

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