Nuts: Heart Healthy & Nutritious (but add them into your diet correctly)

healthy snacks Mar 01, 2018

We’ve all been there. It’s 3pm – right between lunch and dinner and we’re hungry. The day is getting closer to being over. We will have dinner relatively soon, but we’re tired and still hungry. We reach for a snack – we need something convenient and fast since we’re rushing to complete everything we want by the end of the day. We quickly survey the options. We see a brownie from the night before and go for it promising ourselves we’ll workout that night.

Can you relate to any parts of this scenario?

Did you know that nuts are a healthy food? Did you know substituting nuts with less healthy snacks has a positive impact on your overall health?!

Researchers have found an association between eating nuts and a 30-50% lower risk of heart attacks, cardiovascular disease and sudden cardio death. But not all nuts offer the same nutrition – watch *Rachelle teach about the different nutrition for six common nuts in this video. She will cover: almonds, cashews, hazel nuts, Brazilian nuts, pecans and walnuts! Learn what are the best nuts to eat (the answer might surprise you!).


*Please watch the entire video as Rachelle will also teach you to substitute nuts with foods you are already eating because nuts are high in calories. Therefore, you must substitute food for them to prevent yourself from adding calories to your diet and gaining weight.

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