Be gentle with yourself.

self-care well-being Jan 18, 2019

For a majority of my life, my dad’s hands have been rough with calluses. In the wintertime the skin was often dry and cracked from the cold. Occasionally his hands were stained from the projects he was working on at the time – green from working on the lawn mower, black from fixing a car, brown from weeding the garden.

Regardless of their state, I could always feel a power and strength in them. A strength in his safe grip, their ability to carry and lift literal weights in my life as well as figurative ones. A power and comfort in them from the generosity of his spirit – his willingness to serve and be there whenever I might need him. Even a strength in their gentleness.

One of my earliest memories is of him braiding my sister and mine’s hair after we took a bath. Those were the days when his t-shirts fit us as “nightgowns.” :) After our bath he would very carefully brush out our wet tangles then, just as carefully braid our hair into a short,...

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How to Stress Yourself Out

Sometimes we do things to ourselves.

Are you adding extra (and unnecessary) stress to your life in the following ways?

  1. Ignoring your strengths (or refusing to recognize them) and focusing on your failures. If you are ignoring your strengths, you are turning away from the good things you have to offer the world! If you focus on your weakness and failures without seeing your strengths you will not feel as motivated to work through and rise above your setbacks. This adds stress with constant feelings of hopelessness and discouragement. 
  2. Multi-tasking. When you multi-task you burn yourself out, feel overwhelmed and make slower progress. You'll often feel bad you did not give your child/spouse/friend/co-worker your full attention (e.g. when they were telling you something important to them). You’ll regret that project you did not do your best on because you were too busy trying to “maximize” your time,...
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The Resolution You Overlooked

Lose weight.

Eat better.

Focus on self-care.

These are some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions from 2018.1 Perhaps they made your list last year…and maybe this year as well. Undoubtedly, taking better care of ourselves by losing weight, improving our diet and giving ourselves some much-needed TLC are consistently some of the most popular and anguished-over goals. Eating better to lose weight is a great start, but what does eating better actually look like?

If you are like a majority of Americans, “eating better” most likely begins with eating more vegetables. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 90% of adults do not eat the recommended (2-3 cups/day for adults) amount, with young adults and men being some of the most common offenders.2 Before we start trying to just “eat better”, let’s rewrite that goal to “eat more vegetables, specifically an extra serving or two each day.”

Take a look...

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Do you UNDERSTAND the benefits of REGULAR exercise??

exercise well-being Dec 06, 2018

Exercise is one of the BEST things you can do for you - your body, your health, and your life.

While teaching a gym class on Monday I [Rachelle] heard someone say, “I eat clean so I don’t have to [do cardio].” That comment has been eating at me since. Still cringing. Because...exercise is one of the most important lifestyle choices we can make!

If, perhaps, you have found yourself thinking, “I don’t need to be active”, it is time to revisit the why’s of exercise.

If instead you are like me and periodically find yourself in an exercise slump, use these why’s to rediscover your motivation and find new meaning in movement.

Exercise, a.k.a. "physical activity", strength and aerobic training, movement, etc., 

  • Strengthens the heart. Did you know your heart is a muscle? The most important muscle in your body, in fact! Your heart contracts 100,000 times a day to push roughly 2,000 gallons worth of blood...
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Diet Scoop: What is a good diet for me?

diets healthy eating Nov 30, 2018

Have you ever had this question run through your mind? If so, you are not alone. So many people are wondering the same thing! Here are a few ways you can identify whether a particular eating plan is good for you.

A good diet is one that is…

  • Healthy. Your eating plan provides the nutrients (vitamins, minerals, and water) that your body needs to survive and thrive. This looks like balance and variety. Balance refers to eating across the different food groups, while variety is eating a variety of foods within a food group (e.g. rather than eating chicken all the time for your lean protein, switch it up with fish or beans). Variety in terms of vegetables and fruits looks like a lot of colors...”eat the rainbow”, just not the Skittles one. ;)
  • Effective. What and how much you eat is helping you maintain your health and well-being – you are not unhealthily gaining or unhealthily losing weight. Your diet is helping you maintain an appropriate...
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4 Ways to Improve Wellness Programs & Advice for Just Starting Out

employee wellness Nov 28, 2018

Did you know research from Gallop shows there is a “clear link” between employee well-being and employee engagement?

Gallop additionally reports that employees with higher well-being are more productive and miss fewer workdays than those who do not have high well-being. Corporate wellness programs help improve employee well-being and reduce healthcare costs. However, not all wellness programs are equally effective.

Below are 4 ways to improve your wellness program and some advice on how to start or revive a program


1. Ask

As simple as it sounds it really helps to ask your employees what kind of wellness initiatives they are interested in and what they think would motivate them to participate. This can be in the form of a survey, suggestion box or even casual conversations or focus groups.

2. Awareness

Be sure your wellness initiatives are well advertised. Research from Gallop showed that among the organizations they studied that...

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3 Research-Backed Health Benefits of Gratitude

mental health self-care Nov 20, 2018

In our busy lives we often look for solutions to balance, reduce stress, and focus better. Expressing gratitude in one’s life helps improve overall well-being. Although it is sometimes hard to believe taking the time each day to be grateful can be worth the time, gratitude improves your outlook on life, health and happiness.

Outlook on Life

Being grateful helps us be more optimistic. A study done by Dr. Roberts A. Emmons of the University of California and Dr. Michael E McCullough of the University of Miami had participants write a few sentences for ten weeks focusing on different topics. The first group wrote about things they were grateful for that occurred during the week. The second group wrote about daily irritations or things that had bugged them during the week. The third group wrote about what events had affected them during the week with no focus on positive or negative. At the end of the study those in group one were more optimistic and overall felt better about...

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Salad Mix-In OR Yummy Snack

healthy snacks recipes Nov 10, 2018

My (Rachelle) 6-year-old nephew, Jaysun, was swiping through my pictures and came across the pictures above.

His response: "This looks soooooo good!"

What a surprise. :) He is more of a bread guy than a salad guy. I thought I would share the recipe since it has his endorsement.

Eat these chickpeas with a salad or as a tasty snack by itself! 

My favorite sweet 'n hot chickpea salad combinations:
  • Any type of salad green (I LOVE spinach)

  • Sunflower seeds

  • Tomato

  • Corn

  • A sprinkle of feta cheese

  • Light ranch (the combination of tastes reminds me of the cool ranch-flavored chips!)


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Motivation to Eat "Enough" Fruits and Vegetables

healthy eating Nov 05, 2018

We’ve probably heard we’re supposed to eat “enough” fruits and vegetables every day but most Americans (9 in 10) don’t.

Motivation to Eat Enough Fruits and Vegetables 

According to a Harvard study involving more than 833,000 participants, eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day lowers your risk of mortality by 25%.

Other health benefits of eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can include a lower blood pressure, prevent some types of cancer and reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Additionally, eating enough fruits and vegetables also helps with digestive problems and other health issues.

What is “enough” fruits and vegetables?

The national dietary guidelines recommend that adults eat at least 2 servings of fruit each day and at least 3 servings of vegetables each day. 

Tips to Increase Your Daily Intake of Fruits and Vegetables

  1. Make them accessible and visible. Keep fruits and vegetables in eyesight when...
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Why Am I So Tired?

well-being Oct 31, 2018

Have you been feeling overly exhausted lately? Fatigued before everyone else seems to be? 

Let’s compare our body to a car and talk about some of the reasons we can feel tired all the time.

Not Exercising Enough

You know how cars don’t run that well if they just sit around and are never driven? Our bodies are the same. We don’t perform at our best when we don’t get enough exercise.

Likewise, if we run ourselves too hard we will also be fatigued. Cars that are driven too hard and not properly cared for (oil changes, tune-ups etc.) don’t last or perform their best. 

Not Eating Right

Unhealthy eating behaviors can also aid in feeling fatigued and tired all the time. Think of a nice mustang. Would you expect it to perform the best if you shoved pizza and a ton of desserts down it? Of course not!

Not Having A Consistent Sleeping Schedule

I know, it’s hard to get enough sleep…much less a consistent sleeping schedule! However, our bodies...

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