"Better at Stress"

Not your average stress management course.

Take control.

  • Some stress cannot simply be avoided or eliminated. "Better at Stress" teaches you how to turn this stress into a resource to work for you.
  • This course will help you take control of how your body and mind respond to stress.
  • You will learn and understand stress so that you can take control of how your body and mind respond to it.

"Better at Stress" Course Details

  • 6-week online course.
  • Each week includes videos and activities to help you develop better stress management skills.
  • Comment and ask the instructor questions anytime throughout the course.
  • Watch the course anywhere.

30-day money back guarantee.


"I liked the activities. It makes me realize that I have more control over the stress that I experience and that I can manage it."

Administrative Assistant

"This helped me to really see the pros of stress and how it can be used productively. For a lot of people it is easy to see the cons. "

Tax Associate

"The content of week 4 has been the most helpful to me so far. The message of focusing in and identifying the stress points in order to understand and address it came at a really good time."

Human Resource Director



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