We help people be healthier so they can do what they want and be who they want.

Did you know sleep affects weight loss?
How do you realistically get enough sleep?
Learn more in our FREE training.

Have you ever tried to follow a workout program or video and felt discouraged because you couldn't complete it?
Did you find it difficult to stick with your health & fitness goals?

The truth about fitness and exercising is you must actually start AT THE BEGINNING.

We help you:

Master the Basics

Mastering the basics of health & fitness are so important! They help you progress, stick to your goals and prevent injury.

Such basics include:

  • How to build up to and maintain the recommended amount of cardio and strength training per week
  • Establishing and maintaining proper form 
  • Reducing stress & getting enough sleep
  • Controlling your eating environment  
  • Eating the right nutrients to prevent disease and be healthier

We help you master the basics and build a stable foundation for your health & fitness!

Do the Things You Want

Do you want to stop getting winded when you walk up a flight of stairs? Would you like to be able to keep up with your family and friends when you are on an active outing like hiking, biking or even a walk uphill?

We want you to live the life you want! That life begins with nailing the basics of health & fitness. We are here to get you to the vision you have for your life. 

Gain Confidence & Know-How

When you start with mastering the basics of health & fitness you build sustainable changes. You also learn the why behind the movements and principles. You learn what you should and shouldn’t be doing and what that means for your long-term health. 

We teach you skills of health & fitness and help you gain confidence and competence by mastering the basics. Begin where you will be empowered to progress to the vision and goals you have for yourself. 

Testimonials of the Basics

"I just want to know where to start with exercising and to not get injured while doing it. You guys have helped me achieve that! Thanks so much!"

"I lost 8 pounds in several weeks just by eating enough servings of vegetables like Rachelle taught me!"

"By implementing principles of Mindless Weight Management, I've been able to drink more water and cut back on caffeine intake. I feel so much more energy every morning than I used to."

"Simple and applicable. Both of which helped with being motivated to DO."

"I've had neck pain for years and what BoomRev has taught me about basic stretching has relieved my pain and had better results than I've found before."

"The basic principles BoomRev teaches are realistic and simple things I can actually do to make a difference."

"I have learned how to reduce my stress and be able to manage it so much better. Thanks!"

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